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myff admin

Kicking off the week on myfreefriends

The week kicks off on a very high note

The new xajax framework is working. Whether it still has memory leaks remains to be seen. But being able to use the latest is very good news indeed as we are no longer dependant on the joomla version.

To add to that there is working wizard code as seen in the screenshot, complete with synchronous ajax validation where needed.

A lot needs to be done on all the permutations of request. There are at least 6 core request types and corresponding differences in the wizard But it does not matter too much as the code looks very nice and able to take this short of thing without going madly complex.
myff admin

Time for a break.

All is working well until an account actually gets created, at which it is as if something is getting called twice and this failing as it tries to duplicate an account.

Totally odd.
myff admin

Still quite strange, and I would regard this as a failing of the xajax api, but anyhow it would appear that any error in the code in a synchronous call causes the system to go apeshit recalling the call, with very bad consequences
myff admin

Definately calling it a night. Touch wood new accounts based on a forum request are now being created via the wizard and all the appropropriate entries made.

But there are a lot of database things that need to be done right, accounts to be created, forum alias to be created, friend to be approved, reverse friend entry made, housekeeping on the request etc. Each time this is done wrong in development it takes a lot of work to get back to having another shot at things
myff admin

Making a friend is now done with a wizard style interface or at least that is mostly written. Now when you click on a username what will happen will depend on whether they are a friend or whether you have already made a request etc.
myff admin

A bit of a slow day progress wise, I conjunction will all this account regisrtation stuff I got entangled in passwords

Now Joomla used to use a standard md5 scheme and keeps this for backwards compatability, but it also converts passwords on the fly to a new "salted" scheme. As far as I know the old scheme was not broken, so why fix it?

Anyhow this has been creating some fun and games as I figured out the new scheme and made things compatible.

Largely done now, though merging an existing account still needs a final round of completion.

Harking back though to passwords, thinking about it, the only way the md5 scheme is insecure is that if the whole database is compromised, then users with weak passwords would have their passwords exposed. Its a bit like having a firesafe, it may be handy, but I'd rather stop the house burning down in the first place
myff admin

Well merging worked, I was about to get on to email requests, when the cookies came home to roost.

Came across a funny I have not seen before, cookies are able to be read and stored under different paths, by altering an inconsistancy as to whether the path is /friends or /myfriends it ended up reading from one path and writing to another, hence it was unable to know what state anything was in This despite me not using path into in the cookies I'm afraid that wasted a few hours.

What's mroe today is a paperwork day, so I think all I will have time to target is email requests.

I keep on concentrating though on the fact that this is getting to be a very functional system. On the scale of things an Alpha release is very close and getting closer.
myff admin

Observation of the day.

Coding is meant to be modular, contructed as little boxes each doing a single task, you then build the boxes into structures reusing boxes for all the tasks that crop up time and time again...

Modular programming creates overheads, boxes need to be able to accept a variety of inputs and provide a variety information to their callers. These days you generally live with the overhead as computers are fast.

The particular programming here, which is probably my most intense database programming ever, seems to present a lot of problems with any decent level of modularity, efficient queries tend to be significantly different for every permutation of what is needed, failure to handcraft them all could make operation very slow indeed

Hence I am up to 4000 lines of database code now that if I saw anyone else doing I would probably be throwing an ill-informed fit at how crap their programming was
myff admin

Requests based on emails seem to be working.

I think the next bit is to replace the use of Joomla login code with my own, along with lost password routines. The Joomla stuff works, but it kind of kills the look of the site to drop into Joomla like that.
myff admin

Bit painful that, but seems to be working

So it is on to the notes feature and then to a release I think.
myff admin

Very basic creation and editing of notes now done.

Permissions for the notes is the next absolutely essential item.

Beyond that, there is a whole raft of expansion plans like a wysiwyg view and wiki style features.

But I think practically that should be done after the alpha release.

There will be enough bugs to deal with, just with the whole networking part, to want to get that smoothed out before going further.
myff admin

Permissions crawling slowly to life

myff admin

toggling editing permissions working

Now need to copy and paste that for viewing permissions.

I also need to tighten up on some of the access rights code here. This sort of thing is the bug bear of web programming. You need to deal with all possible forms of invalid input which may arise from hacking attempts Forum Index -> Forum Blogs
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