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kitties place



Please indicate keywords you have searched on: karma, karma pics, portal.

well guys im new here......hopefully i am posting in the right place.....
i searched up on how to get a pic of the hearts under the karma thing and all i found was posts by people saying their codes dont work and that their pics come up with a X.....

now i have a new forum and i just want it too look good.....

can someone give me the code to get a karma pic up u have on this forum

thank you..
myff admin

You have also been asked to give proper information of this issue.

You provide no link to :

1) A place where the problem shows.
2) The guide you followed.

You tell us nothing about:

1) The code you put in.
2) The profile fields you set up.

All you say is basically "it don't work".

You will never get an answer with that lack of effort. Given you have already decided to abuse the PM system and use abusive language when pulled up for that, you should be trying to make up for that by putting in some effort.
kitties place

what r u talking about mate? firstly yes i did put a link but i obviously pressed the wrong button and missed something out so here is ther link again

and secondly i didnt pm anyone.......

i didnt put in a code for karma as its all confusing me.....

what i did was i went to admin panel>>>>then i went to portal settings>>>>then i clicked on the one that says  KARMA and i filled everything in so i got karma actually on my forum but i just want the image like u have got on here.......

hopefully i have given u enough info.....if u go on my forum and look at the karma bit u will understand where im coming from mate......
i would appriciate it if u could help.....


so finally after being asked what you did on the guide you did everything except set the profile field to display automatically or enter it manually in viewtopic_body.tpl, all this could have been avoided/solved had you mentioned what you'd done first time round, follow point 6 or 7 depending on which method you prefer, if you get stuck please say which part.

point 6/7 should help get this showing.
kitties place

ok thank you.....i will read it now......its just everything seem so confusing lol.....but mfff's are so much better than other forums lol as they have more features and things like profile ratings and comments etc etc....... Forum Index -> Portal components
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