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Karma Help

I just changed the profile style to a portal style and it has the Karma underneath the avatars and everything works fine except the
pictures that show the rating is nothing but a red x.

I can click on add karma, add comments, show comments, and even on the red x's and it takes me where it should but no
image is showing up at all.

If you cold please help me i would be very thankful.
myff admin

How about a link to where the problem can be seen in a topic?

ok here is a link

under my avatar and everything else it says add karma then a box with a red x in it.

its set up just like this one...i even think its the same template
myff admin


is the path you have:


is what shows here.

The implication is that the KARMA number is not set or used correctly.

OK i tried taking out the codes and started all over using the how to walk through.
I tried changing the code and adding a 0 like you showed in the post above and nothing
worked so i just took it out all together! I did leave the comments section though.
The red x was just getting on my nerves...Thanks so much for the help!!!!!
myff admin

You do not just add a 0, the ) comes from the KARMA profile field that should have 0 as a default. Forum Index -> Portal components
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