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How Unlucky

Just Getting Started

I've jsut started my xbox live lounge,

I need an idea for a template(layout)

An idea for a Banner

Ideas for Tournaments

Ideas for Contests

Ideas to bring in Members

Ideas for prizes

Ideas for our off-topic center.


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It would seem you are out of ideas before you have made a single post on your forum.

Perhaps you should create a forum that you have an actual interest in, if you had an interest, then the posts would flow from within.
How Unlucky

I know but i am getting it all set up first.
myff admin

cart before horse.
How Unlucky

Wait so you taking my side admin, I just want to get forums and desgin done first that what i want suggestions for.
How Unlucky

What other things should we add for tournaments and contest and what other things should we do to bring in people, also what should we add to the off-topic this is all stuff we need to know before the grand opening next week.

Should we have clans or not and how should we set them up, What else should we add to the forum.

then tell me anyting that will help make it better in anyways.

good honest quality POSTs
How Unlucky

Thanks symon im sure that would help.

Also now ehn we get logo it will be centered.

More updates coming later in the day.

I think what they are trying to say is this...

Why worry about what contests and what not you will have before anybody is even there to partake in them?  Get people, get posts going, then you'll have a feel of what should go on, and you shouldn't have much trouble deciding past that.  If you do, ask your forum members, the ones that are right there with you, for ideas.
How Unlucky

Thanks zudane your right. Forum Index -> Running your community
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