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Journey Through A Broken Soul

Some of you may have heard of this, but most likely not.  I have written some poetry through my years, and have recently collected them into a solid book.  It took some time (due to me being a bit lazy) to get the final copy out.. but it's here!

It's now listed on ( )

But if you are to buy it, I hope that you would buy through ( )

This book is a collection of over 60 of my own poems, and is currently listed for $14.

For a preview of my poetry visit (note: you will have to register before you can view them).

Hmmm . . .

A collection of poetry about love and life.

More years ago than I care to tell you, my subtitle was "Poems of Love and Life - but is there a difference?"

Some things don't change - and I suppose Youth is one of them.

Good luck!

Love and life are the two major topics covered.  They probably aren't what you would expect though.  Here are two.. one is my favorite, and another that's a popular one...


What is love?
If we live to love,
Then all would be peace.
Death would be loved,
By all who cannot love life.
Love is a trap,
For not all who fall in love can get back out.
Love is not the best,
As most make it out to be.

And my favorite:

The Guardian

Guard, protect, defend.
The words of the heartbeat.
The meaning of the soul.
The shadow of the statue.

Guard, protect, defend.
He knows no other feat,
He has no other goal,
He stands forever true.

Guard, protect, defend.
Protecting from harm,
Saving the soul and shielding the heart.
Ensuring nothing will pass,
Forever guarding from evil.

Guard, protect, defend.
Gentle and kind,
Keeping one safe.
Rough and fierce,
Keeping one back.

Guard, protect, Defend.
All he knows to be true.
Everything he lives for.
The only thing he will die for.

The Guardian seems more like great lyrics to a great song!
(I write songs on the side)

I've wanted to do lyrics, but I'm not really musically talented. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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