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Daniel Beal

Jobs4Teenagers Forum - Sign Up, Posts & Banner Exchange

If you are stuck for cash then maybe its time to get a job? With our site you can get advice, if you want a job in your local area or online.

They is other things such as lots of different chat forums, A VIP Area & even a virtual shop where you can earn points and trade them in for virtual prizes or forum extra's. We are also looking for a moderator at some point once we have a few more members.

We are also running a competition, where you can win a free VIP Access worth 7,500 points. We are giving away 5 of these. You can see this here:

I hope you can join Jobs4Teenagers, If you do I will be looking forward to meeting new members.


I will sign up to your forum and then post 5 posts on your forum. If you do the same for me as well on my forum! If you want to also put your banner on my forum then I would like you to do the same with your forum. However if I feel that your forum isnít what I want to put a banner of then I will just simply refuse.

IMO, you'll be better off if you don't force a "Post for Post" link exchange. (i.e. "I'll post 5 times on your site if you do so on mine")

Daniel Beal

Well I can't edit after 20 mnutes after I posted it. So it will have to do. Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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