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myff admin

Jeltz forum server maintenance.

Forums on this server will be offline for an hour or so next Saturday morning.

The background for this is that we had a very large servers which was not on our own IP subnet.

As such we have spend much of the last month emptying all the forums on that server onto virtual servers on our other servers on our own subnet.

Last Friday we were this able to switch the large server over to the subnet. Leaving it very under used!

What we can do now though, is not switch all the forums back individually, but move the virtual machines wholesale back on to the server to balance the load.

The drawback is a short downtime, the advantage is that no IP addresses change, so no one gets any issues, the forum comes back online exactly as it was.
myff admin

I may do this earlier, it does represent a minor logjam.
myff admin

Still planned for tomorrow. The one saving grace now is that we can show a proper message whilst things are offline.

One of the many many benefits of having our own subnet now.
myff admin

This is now under way, projecting at least another hour.
myff admin

Phase 1 complete. This is slower than anticipated.
myff admin

Jeltz is now back up and running. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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