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ive fried my forum

deleted the posts on
the category was normanby hall mini day
i deleted the moved topic shadow and it took the whole lot of posts away
I deleted them approx 9.15 am gmt

money paid
(Unique Transaction ID #1BY70516S6534210W
how long before im restored?
myff admin

My records say you had 322 posts at the last check.

The time you deleted the posts is actually mid backup.

We can wait for the backup to complete and see if those posts are there, or go back to yesterdays backup.

your choice?

ill wait

ill wait. how long are we talking?
myff admin

Todays backup completed and I'm working on it now. All the same we can be talking an hour or so.
myff admin

Your forum now has 258 posts, so you only lost 70 posts or thereabouts here.

More flashed in the pan than fried.

Still your choice to pay for a restore, remember posts since the restore will be lost. It does restore to a point in time.


well actually nothings been restored... bugger.
there was a bit of an argument going on there as well
myff admin

No restore has been done yet. I am just clarifying that posts from the restore point onwards will be lost.

Your choice?
myff admin

The restore is now ready to happen.

Due to the ambiguity on this thread so far, please confirm that you want the restore to occur. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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