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Okay so here is my site it is about keeping isopods i hope you all like it i have made a decent tips/hints article and will be posting a caresheet tommorow on how to keep isopods so i hope that will get traffic going if there is anything at all you wanna ask join and ask in the questions/answers part of the forum thanks
Here is the link:

Hello isopod welcome to the forum nice site by the way!i think i might join today!

Thanks demon welcome aboard i hope you injoy the site as i will be updating and making new posts today so be prepared!Aslo the site is a bit slow as you and me are the only ones on the forum Wink  

Umm.. what IS an isopod?

Lol i was woundering the samething maybe we should ask him on his forurm?

You should it would help me a lot!

as much as it would help you, that's an awful lot of work when I can just google it.

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