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My new forum which has been up for two days now has over 100 posts and already 10 members.I think it's gonna be better then even tbf!I'm amazed at how many people like isopods.I think i speak for everyone that if you have detication for something make a forum and deticate it twice as much and you'll get a lot out of it.

4 days and here are the stats
13 members
274 posts

I've also begun the change from phbb2 to phbb3!
Been awhile since last update almost a month!
The forum is a little over one month old so here are the stats for the first month:
Total posts 454 Total topics 128 Total members 34
Not doing great but not bad either.

You are doing great. You have come a long way in a month.


Yeah i'm doing pretty good i guess. Forum Index -> Post your forum
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