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Is this allowed, permitted etc. on my myfreeforums boards?


Enter your myff forum url here, if the issue is on a particular part of the forum, then give a link to where the problem actually is. Do not enter your own domain name it must be the actual myff link :

If you are asking a template related question, what is the name of the template:

Please indicate keywords you have searched on: terms

Now ask your question in clear English without "txt" speak>>>>
I suggest stickying this thread please (but of course to staff your choice).

A completely made up example

#1: Linking to non freeforums message board such as for example?

#2: Legal and safe torrents?

#3: Legal and safe hacks?

#4: Asking for donations?

#5: Forum to ask for donations, advertise legal and safe stuff etc.?

#6: Non english language?

#7: websites similar to type in evilbible and click on website with evilbible in its website name?

#8: Legal and downloads?

#9: Legal and safe uploads?

#10: Uploading to arcade own legal and safe games?

Also to myff_admin if I talk about support on would it be okay in off topic to discuss general things or for this message board only support am I allowed to post about?

Here are the Terms and Conditions

Thank you so super much Bravo!! ; ) : ) I appreciate your help.
bill koob

What is up with happyflowershugskisses

Bravo wrote:
Here are the Terms and Conditions

Please contact me at email.
I am a moderator but had not been on for a few days.
Thanks for the help.

Bill Koob
myff admin

We will not contact by email, support is via this forum.
bill koob

Why can I not log on to happyflowershugskisses

myff admin wrote:
We will not contact by email, support is via this forum.

Thank you.

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