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IP address and moderators

Is it possible to set up a Moderator account which does not allow the moderator access to show the IP address of all the users ?

I have tried a number of times but when ever I set up the Modertors and I test it on a test account while they have the option to edit,delete etc users posts, the IP button is always on show which allows them to interrogate any users IP they are posting from which I am not keen on allowing them to see, it also links IP addresses to people who have multiple accounts, while as Admin thats OK I'm not keen to let the Mods  have that amount of access as I can see it causing issues especially when they may discover a user with multiple identies which I havent got an issue with but it may cause problems.

I'd be quite happy to be able to completely turn off the IP search/logs if theres such an option but currently I cannot see a way of doing it ??

myff admin

Sorry but if you can't trust moderators with ip addresses then you can't trust them at all.

I did suspect that might be the answer, in honesty its a little more complicated than that, in the main we're trying to avoid a moderator working out who actually runs the site and who is who because in a previous incarnation there was a whole lot of problems when any form of discipline was required, this ended up directed at the owners and mods. By having a certain anonymity it means Admins and Mods can continue to post under their regular user name without the risk of any back lash.
We only have a couple of Admins who know whats what and are happy to operate under this and we do know each other, we had hoped to bring in a couple of extra mods but having found out they can see the IP's of the admins and the other users it wont take them long to work out who is who and then before you know where you are loose tongues and all that it all falls apart yet again, been there done that got the t-shirt.
Looks like we may have to look at another option, was worth a try. Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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