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Introduction to the Frugaldom Forum  or

Many thanks to the exceptional service provided here, we have now managed to get our new forums up and running. We've even managed to get a few posters!  

Our frugal forums are open to all. They're all about frugal living, a quest for self sufficiency, self financing projects and home of the frugal entrepreneur.

I'd love to help keep these forums free and have just started building a website using the free templates provided here. I've included a 'Friends of Frugaldom' page so I can exchange links with other forum owners running relevant content, so please let me know if I;m doing anything wrong. In the meantime, I'll continue exploring all the possibilities provided by MFF and hope to browse many more of the hosted forums soon.

Great site you have here, it has to be one of the most frugal forum sources around. I'll certainly be adding a link to donate whenever there are a few spare pounds.

Thanks again,
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