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myff admin

Interesting hosting development

If you dig though the announcements you will spot that some time before Christmas, we farmed out some of the advertising. This was done by the slightly unusual means of us setting up the ad serving environment on our own hardware, usually this would be the province of the advertising agents.

But basically we have much hardware and more server knowledge than what the agents have been using, and as a result they want to shift their ad serving entirely over to using our servers  

This is obviously a separate business to running forums (we have always had different aspects to the business which is why we were able to get myfreeforum itself off the ground) but it should help out a lot. More income from hosting means we can invest in more server power and benefit from economies of scale.

Cool! That sounds great for you guys. Good luck with that!

Great news.

Any increase in revenue, without affecting service, has got to be embraced.

That's amazing news! Keep up all the great work!  
myff admin

It is good, it may be painful in a way, as we have already spent the better part of 10,000 on hardware in the last 6 months and we may be pushed by this into spending money we basically haven't got
But that qualifies as a growing pain, and that is a better pain to have than its opposite  
I don't especially like big companies, and we don't want to turn into one, but I think we would be better bigger than we are now.

Surely this is great news , additional income can only be good. Forum Index -> What's new? Announcements!
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