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Incorrect Link in 'New Private Message' Email

This is a strange one...

One of my members sent me the 'New Private Message' email she had received, saying that there was nothing there. She also sent me her password so that I could look for myself.  When I clicked the link in the email it went to an error page which said "Private message could not be found". I looked in her Inbox and the message was actually there.

Looking more closely at the email, I saw that the address in the link contained '' and when I edited the link to change that part to '' then it did go to the correct PM.

The emails do usually point to a link to the new PM (although the 'disable account' link at the bottom always points to - I've never clicked on that one!). I do think it's more than just a one-off though, because I have had people complaining about this a few times before, but I hadn't been able to see it for myself.
myff admin

PMs will be sent using the address the forum was being accessed on when the PM was made.
I guess not all your users use .net

But why didn't it work?

judy wrote:
But why didn't it work?

because that's unfortunately the way it works, the macro's are coded to show the link of the domain name at the time of the post and it records that in the database, so when it's looked at by the non myff domain they get the myff link.

At this point I would recommend encouraging all your users to use the non myff domain.

I think we're at cross-purposes. I understand that sometimes the link will have the the bespoke address and sometimes the myff address, depending on which address the sender was using.

I understand that people can use either the bespoke address or the myff address to access the forum, and whichever they choose they will see the same information.

I don't understand why a link to a PM using the bespoke domain works but one using the myff domain doesn't.
myff admin

It may simply have been a phpbb3 bug.

OK, thanks. Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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