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In the name of MK Community

I would like to request your assistance with our efforts to provide equal access and equal development opportunity for all MK community . More than 10 days suspended,please.

Could I ask you kindly to check?

Here are a few key background details of the story:

Le@n has privileges as the term "pupil" and the freedom to act as you please,even posting HATE pictures,allowed by ADM.

Fireboy are already running a responsible forum:

Fireboy says that he is innocent.

Fireboy is not responsible for the opinions and information posted on this site by others.

Le@n's personal information was posted by a user.

Fireboy assumes all responsibility even not being responsible for users posts,synonyms for “at your disposal”:

"I understand that have committed a great mistake and I promise in a solemn form that further harassment of this

type won't happen again.

I'll delete the entire thread with a solemn undertaking that further harassment of this type won't happen again.

I'm mature enough to understand my fault and don't repeat that again.

I'm fully responsible for my forum as administrator and I promise to keep the forum clean without of any kind of

further project.

I have changed my mind and I assume this compromise in a public form.

Sorry for any kind inconvenience,that won't happen again."

Fireboy was defended real users,which means credibility:

Draxxon(fully prejudiced by Le@n)


"I'm a member of MKMP and before today I didn't even know who Leon was other than some rumors I didn't take sides

on and a guy whose avatar I saw on posts every once in a while.  I'm a user and poster who was only interested in

the game content.  Now I know Leon as the guy who got ticked off his admin credentials were being disputed so as a

final spiteful act wiped out the entire forum that had 7 years worth of users' content on it.  In addition to

getting Fireboy's site suspended, he just wiped every post from MKMP himself using his admin credentials.  Myself

and a lot of users didn't even know about Leon and Fireboy's beef so I feel like I have to speak for us when I

point out that Leon's actions today were damaging to a lot of people who didn't even know who he was and had no ill

will against him.  First he reported Fireboy's site, which from the things I heard sounded like he escalated the

conflict as much as anyone, but I kept quiet since it was none of my business. But the users of MKMP have not done

anything to him, and he wiped our site without even any arbitration.  I don't know if there's anything in the terms

and conditions about not willfully out of spite destroying the work of people you don't even know without any

notice. But hopefully this is considered, because I'm sure anyone, no matter what side of the Fireboy vs Leon

argument they're on, would agree that that is wrong."

The MFF is not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites

Once information is posted to a social networking site, it is no longer private.  The more information you post,

the more vulnerable you may become. Even when using high security settings, friends or websites may inadvertently

leak your information

The personal information was not posted by Fireboy.

What do you recommend when individuals or groups use online communication devices to intentional and repeatedly

engage in hostile behaviours online, intended to hurt and harm others?

What do you recommend administrators do to address this matter when a third party relates the information? How do

we “get the goods” on the accused?”

In this situation, it is important to first evaluate the reliability and validity of the statements made by the

third party. Is this person known to lie about things like this? You always have to think about the possibility

that the case might eventually make its way to court – and if it does, the reputation of the source of the

accusation might be an issue. Otherwise you could encourage the third party to have the victim come in to talk to

him, or the administrator could approach the victim directly to get the evidence.

Le@n is a public thief,the most hated in MK community.

Le@n supports NAZISM !!

The sub-zero in MKX uses black mask, a concept created by Fireboy MANY years before.

See all this infighting and insulting everybody is doing on this thread alone? And you wonder why an "advanced"

administration can't be bothered with MK community. You can't live in peace, you can't accept someone else's opinion

just because it doesn't fall into line with your beliefs. Humans are immature, cruel, spiteful, close-minded

creatures. If there is an advanced administration out there (or down here) watching us, they're just sitting back

and waiting for MK users to grow up.

Please guys,second chance. This is very unfair.

This issue has been resolved, appeal was heard by admin and rejected. We can't go on having appeal after appeal, so I'm locking this thread immediately, and will also lock further threads immediately. Anyone abusing this forum by multiple appeals will be moderated and/or banned. Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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