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myff admin

Important - Server downtime From Midnight Friday UK Time

All servers will be down from midnight until maybe 6am.

This is for unavoidable power supply maintenance at the datacenter.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

Is that BST time?
myff admin



myff admin wrote:

still on bst? christ work hours and the odd 8 day week are losing me some days in the month, thought it was thursday yesterday

That would be midnight Friday to 6am Saturday morning UK time, yes?

Thanks for the heads up. Will post a time zone chart for our members around the world.

myff admin

myff admin

Couple of updates.

Status of the outage as it effects the datacenter is here:

The actual power off time is 1am. But we will begin soft shutdown of the servers at midnight.
myff admin

First phase shutdown of ancillary devices has begun. No one should see any effect from that.
myff admin

That was not an experience I want to see repeated. Every was back online by about 7am, though for the datacenter as a whole at 8.30 some 4% of servers still apparently have issues.
Given we have 7 physical servers and dozens of virtual servers I was not expecting us to survive without a scratch, and there may still be issues despite us seeming to have come through unscathed.

Thank you for the update.

We did have a few reported phpBB, cannot access databse errors yesterday afternoon but nobody has said anything today.
Seems all fine our end so far.  Wink

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