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Images not working

I am the co-admin on this site. Whenever I post an image I get a blank square box with this something like this added to it  .... cons/DutchGV.jpg" border="0" /> .. and no image.

I have gone through Support and How to do it...can't find any answer for it. I have no problem with my forum. Images there come through fine.

The admin and I are at a lose as to why I can't post on this site.

Are you posting as html?

What html tags do you allow in. Admin/configure?

We are posting in HTML. In Configuration and in User is in  -yes-

The same IMG from appears perfect in my Houston Knight TV forum. But in the michaelpare forum it comes up with that added ... border="0" /> ... on the end of every single image I have tried to post.
myff admin

You have not actually answered my question about what tags you allow.

Neither have you followed point one of the posting check list.

Or for that matter even posted here exactly the html that you have a problem posting.

it's partly as your using the wrong bit that photobucket are giving you, when you click the picture and see the share this image box of the left, your using the "HTML Code", when you should be using "IMG Code"

re: Images not working

I thought I had followed your instructions to the letter. I did not come here until I had exhausted two of your sites.
I have made a test page so you can better understand the problem....

The image URL is separated so that you may see that it is being Copied and Pasted correctly, but what shows up is not the image.

I spent the weekend online with Photobucket Pro Support. Their opinion is, that there is a glitch in this particular forum.
myff admin

But what exactly is being posted?

I see:


<img src="<img src="images/smiles/phpbb2/icon_lol.gif" alt="greenlaughing" border="0" />/Icons/BackSeatBear.jpg" border="0" />
<br />

<br />
[ img  ] <a href="http://" target="_blank">http://</a>[/img]
<br />

in the src code of the page which implies someone is posting something garbled or maybe the /img in the image url is confusing things?

Images not working

Spaced so you can see = [ img ] http://[/img]

The image above is what should show.  The problem is NO image of the several hundred I have stored at Photobucket show up on this forum. Nor do the slide shows work. All I get is that weird formula added on and a blank square in the beginning.

I have no other problem posting anywhere on the Internet. Just this one brand new forum. I have never encountered anything like this before - where the url is literally rewritten.

myff admin

Just checked on your forum, the image posts correctly (well it does not link to an image that is there, but is otherwise working) if it does not have /img in the url. Plainly that does confused the bbcode parser.

So you are saying it actually needs - 3 forward slashes ... http:///img make the image work.

Well I'll be ... it does work that way!

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