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Im on MSN search

My forum is on MSN search

type the following

the4aces forum = Number 1
the4aces bonus codes = Number 1
the4aces help = Number 1
the4aces chat = Number 1
the4aces manager = Number 1
the4aces = Number 1 (thats higher than the4aces site itself appears)

Im not on google yet, im still trying to get on there.
myff admin

The standard point applies, no one apart from you is searching on "the4aces"

people who play on the4aces are likely to search for the4aces bonus codes, the4aces chat etc. the4aces is the name of the manager game my forum is about, it isn't just something random I came up with
myff admin

Oh right, that's good then.

Does anyone use MSN search

Microsoft love t try and make my home page theres and their search my default but no one beats google for me, as for home page Microsoft is the last page i want to look at

on msn search I typed:

asraifans = 2nd
asraifans forum = 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th

My forum just appeared 4th on google just by typing Asraifans. I feel like:king: of the world

Wohoo! Me too! Ok, you have to type nintendo.myfreeforum but i will try putting keywords in stickys! Forum Index -> Search Engines
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