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Im new to this an my forum is suspended

I am not that technically minded and im trying to set up a forum for our local action group.
I were in the middle of creating the forum and then got told my forum has been suspended.

What did I do wrong?

The forum is not yet live so to speak simply as I have not yet publicised it to our action group members until I have got it set up and got familiar with it.

Can you please tell me what I have done wrong so that I can rectify the matter and get the forum unsuspended.

myff admin

my apologies, there is a severe spam attack on the forums systems right now with phony forums being registered.

I can't for obvious reasons say why, but your registration looked like spam to the system and was suspended.

I have unsuspended.

apologies for any inconvenience

Thankyou for that, its much appreciated Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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