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If at first you don't succeed

For months we have had an issue on the system where our management interface that allows the restarting of any of our web servers that are having issues, has had a problem that the system when restarted in that fashion would prove unstable  

I eliminated version of php, apc, lighttpd from the equation and then demonstrated the problem still occurred under a different Linux distribution, support forums proved no help at all

yesterday I managed to duplicate the problem using apache, and that helped narrow down the likely candidate to be signal handling, and that finally yielded dividends of people reporting similar problems though not solutions when googled.

Finally after a few false started I have created a one line patch to lighttpd that seems to resolve the issue

It has been very frustrating, but some times all you can do is spend vast numbers of hours tinkering until the penny drops.

I think one of the ironies here is that I have been expounding the ages the need to install more and more system monitoring, and it was from one of the numbers easily monitored in apache but not lighttpd that finally pointed the key fact that lead to an analysis of the problem.

Like all things once seen, it became glaringly obvious that the exact same analysis could have been done in lighttpd if anyone had analysed the links between key parts of the configuration and exactly how much traffic occurred before failure   But hindsight is always very easy.

I'm posting this here really to make the point that it ain't always easy even for people who have experience to get the root of problems and solve them, and sometime if you can't see an easy route, then the route has to be hard work, like in this case installing a new Linux distribution with all the bells and whistles we need, and converting things to work with Apache. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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