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IE8 browser problems

someone has pointed out to us that they are having problems seeing replys to threads.and to be honest i dont have a clue what im looking for.everything seems to be working with f/f 3 and i have noticed a few problems with f/f 4 but hay thats still in beta at the mo

As you can see there was four replys to this thread

and this is a snap shot of the thread once ive scrolled all the way down the page

the screen is only showing the first post and nothing else and i know there is more because i have replied in this thread

also this is not the only thread im being told its the whole site
myff admin

This sort of thing is almost always because you have html errors in the template.

Some browsers will cope better than others, and ie generally copes badly.

use a checker like:

on your forum and try and reduce or even clear the errors.


oh i was so hoping that wasnt going to be the answer.i think the last time you checked this for me and we had alot lol.many thanks for the help i better get fixing now Forum Index -> Off Topic
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