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How does my forum look? i made it in october 2008.

blank lol... there doesent seem to be anything to it..

There are posts... and some content... but it's very bland.  I am not even SLIGHTLY inclined to read it as it's just... a lot of blank empty space.

Try a different template, one with more color, and less empty space.

How come they never remove the guide telling them how to ask a question?

People are backwards, they remove the guide when they need to follow it, but leave it when they don't need to.  It's annoying.

how is it now?

Your supposed to remove that  

Template is much better.

But you have too many categories.  You have scorpion's sitting on their own as a forum name and category.

Try to limit down the categories and forums, fewer categories makes it easier to read, and fewer forums makes it look better because it's less packed.  And also it's better to have a few busy forums than a lot of slow ones.
Ask Mr. Religion

Looks good. Might want to add portals on the left or right or even both.

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