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I thought we sorted this?

You suspended them just to go on and let them start another forum?
myff admin

We can't ID anyone starting a forum, if this forum is indeed doing the same then give us a link to something that demonstrates the issue and not a link to an entire forum.

Has your website got an postal address?

Postal address for what exactly?

admin has already stated, we can't check on every forum every day to make sure they stay within our T&C's.

You've not linked to any content that breaches the T&C's, until you do so as the reporting person of this complaint, it will not be actioned on until such time.

If links are provided to content that does indeed breach our terms and conditions that all forum owners agree to when they create a forum with us, then action will be taken to ensure the breaching content is either removed or the forum will end up being suspended.

I have given you the link to the forum, it is not a big forum to look at your selfs. I have members on our site who have had comments made about them and have taken legal action and would like an address for their solicitors to send their letters to.
myff admin

When all you need to do is post a single link, but would rather play games I will lock this thread unless you post something we can work with. You are clearly not serious about wanting action actually taken.

Can I please just have an address please, I don't want to be involved anymore.
myff admin

Thread locked. Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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