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I somehow managed to reset my forum

Forum link Click

Searched for - Forum restore, Restore Backup

i messed up big time.

Im not exactly sure what I did, but I need to have my forum restored to a previous version.  

The problem is, i was having some weird bug, so I don't know if you will be able to restore it or not.

Basically, the original problem was that the forum link was redirecting from my site to a Phpbb2 version that was a basic, fresh forum. In trying to fix it myself, i managed to reset the site to that version instead of fixing my redirect issue.

What my site was supposed to be going to -
What it was redirecting to -

What I need is to have the site go back to the way the first screenshot is. Using search, i saw that restores used to be a thing for a charge, but the posts i found were a couple years old.  I'm not sure how to pay for it, or if they are still something that can be done. Also, if it is able to be done, i would like to make sure that the forum can be restored to where i need it to be before paying for the restore.

Thanks. Sorry for the trouble. Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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