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i really need help


Enter your myff forum url here, if the issue is on a particular part of the forum, then give a link to where the problem actually is. Do not enter your own domain name it must be the actual myff link :

If you are asking a template related question, what is the name of the template:myff_playstationzone

Please indicate keywords you have searched on:accidently changed template

Now ask your question in clear English without "txt" speak>>>>

ok so i was adding something to my forum and i accidentally changed something and i don't know what i changed i really don't like how it looks here is also a picture

never mind my brain already popped up a answer (sorry for the double post but it wouldn't let me edit because i was over the 20 minute limit)

looks like the table design was messed up...

Good idea to let other people know the problem anyway, so mistakes can be fixed easier.

Also a good example why you should not edit the live template, but instead have a secondary template to edit. Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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