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i really dont know where to put this ?

nearly 3 years ago i built a free fishing forum as a started. it got bust so we move out to a premium forum leaving this one running.

bacically ive has a few disagreements on there and i believe theres a better man for running the forum, im sick of it.

so basically as it stands i cant leave the site because im the admin.
is there a way of swappingmy  admins so someone else takes over the primary role from me leaving me able to leave.
i hate forums noy

i just got back from walking the dog and my guess is i shouldnt post after a few drinks  
anyway, i hope that sense sort of made sense?

i want to leave but another wants to take over my account and the forum, is this possible?

No need to take over your account, simply make their account an admin, as well as having founder access.  You said you have a premium hosting?  What do you mean by that?

If you exported to another hosting site, than you will need to transfer the login credentials to the new owner if you wish for him to have them.  This may be possible by contacting the hosting support and asking them to transfer the account to a new owner. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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