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i need someone to add virtual cash for me

after going onto howtodoit i found a way to add virtual cash, i did the steps twice and it still hasn't worked? is it possible for an admin or mod that knows how to do it to do it for me because i have NO clue what so ever on how to get it visible

Your help will be fantastic help for me

that is the link to my forum ^^
myff admin

We don't do things for people.

You need to explain what you have done, what you didn't understand, so that we can help you do it and possible improve the instructions.

Screenshots can help show us.

well, i did exactly what it said to do on the website step by step, but it has not appeared on the forum
myff admin

That tells us nothing, people do add virtual cash, hence the guides work unless you have done something wrong.

To get support there has to be proper communication of what you have done, links to where you expect to see things, screenshots...

Basically at least something we can process.


Seems you set it up.

I took a look at your forum, how do we know you'll pay us if we want to withdraw our credits? Forum Index -> Portal components
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