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i need help please


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i have changed my site first of all i hope it looks better than before. the first problem ive got is at the top of the page i keep getting internet explorer cannot display the page with regards to the google adds and it looks horrible is it possible to sort that out and how do i do it.

second on the configuration page the bottom of the page is missing where you save your settings how do i correct that,thanks.
myff admin

I can see the forum okay in internet explorer.

I have no clue what you mean by the configuration page. Please be clearer.

in the admin panel where general configuration is where you set your General Board Settings,the bottom of the page is missing where you click to confirm,i cant change my sites description.

i cant click the confirm changes button it isnt showing.

p.s. if you dont mind me asking does my board look ok...??
myff admin

You have try to put a script into the allowed html tags  

Which broke things, all you should have there is a list of tags "a,b,p" etc.

You can correct this now.

many thanks for your help its back to normal.    Forum Index -> My Fried Forum
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