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I'm working in a charity shop

Ok, as part of my New Deal/Jobseekers I've been put on a 13 week course which involves 4 days a week work placement and 1 day job search.

I'll be working in a charity shop called Scope for the next 12 weeks near where I live.

I started yesterday, and was thinking "Oh my god, this is gonna be so dull."

But it wasn't, i was expecting to be doing all the cleaning and stuff for the first few weeks, but just 10 minutes into the first day I was put on the till, I'd never used a till in my life until then, I was just thinking "Oh oh, i'm gonna mess up, it'll be too hard." but it's really easy, it's the easiest job in the shop, took bout 5/10 minutes to learn how to use the till.

Today was my second day and I've been on the till pretty much all day, I had about 2 hours break from the till when Jade took over when I went for my dinner. then i was on again in the afternoon.
My feet are killing me now lol, but the till is my favourite part at the moment cos it's so easy lol.

Only 2 days into my work placement, but i'm really glad I gave the charity shop thing a chance, because the people i'm working with are so fun too lol, it's been really fun so far and if things go well for the next 12 week i'm thinking bout maybe continuing to do some voluntary work there if I still haven't found a job.

You should've got a placement at an ice rink, I didn't get told until the last day I was there, that I could've gone out on the ice during my break for free, was like, WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME AT THE START!!!!!

was fun dealing with about 40+ thai kids who knew no english.

have fun with it! I used to volunteer at a local ASPCA (Animal shelter) and it was fun, used to help care for the animals too, was great because I was the only person that could get some of the abused dogs to be comfortable around people again.  One dog was there for weeks, would cower from people, after spending like an hour with him one day he was fine, and he got adopted that week. Forum Index -> Off Topic
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