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Daniel Beal

I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here Forum

Hi there,

Celebrities are put into the jungle and have to learn how to survive. Each day they must do Bush Tucker trials in order to win food. The better they do, the more food they will win. If they lose, they need to live on basic rations which are beans and rice.They is also other sections as well sush as sports,entertainment,Consoles & Games,And even normal chat! And sometimes they are some quiz's on,or you could run one,so plenty of things to do around the forum!

We are also running two brillant competitions! One is if you post 10 posts around the forum you will get a FREE LED torch! And the other one if about getting members from you to join! So they is plenty of prizes to go around! So what are you waiting for...

Hope to see you soon!

If you wish to exchange/post exchange/link exchange/banner exchange or anything else please pm me or post in this topic!

Many Thanks
Forum Owner & Site Admin

Hi Daniel if you pop over to the chillpill and pm louise my fellow admin with your affiliate code we will be more than happy to exchange with you theres also a link here section where your more than welcome to leave your link to your site
Daniel Beal

Thanks very much!

Anyone else?

ill do a post exchange or 5 posts.

Ill start posting if you agree right after school.
Daniel Beal

Thanks very much!

I have done my 5 posts and can you join and do that same!

Anyone else?


Okay, thanks a tons. I will join soon and post my 5 posts like i said i would.


I have finished, Thanks for your exchange :d

Hi Daniel

I'd like to affiliate with your site, let me know your details and we can do an exchange.


Hi there Daniel. I'd like to affiliate with your site if your willing. My site is Let me have your details so we can get started. Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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