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I'll Join and exchange

I am Admin of Custom Graphics and I will gladly exchange with any or everyone. Just let me know who wants to Exchange and I will Post your site on mine to put mine on yours.

im willing to exchange thats of course if you are interested in my forum

I'm already a member, and I'll gladly add a link to Custom Graphics. Would you be interested in joing mine? That is, if you happen to like fantasy and/or sci-fi.

Sure, I am joining both of the forums right now, I made a new topic even on my forum, called it link exchange, you can post about your forum there...
Danny M

were members of each forum

so do you want to do a post exchange too

only if you want to

sure Danaldinho, I am game, you are more than welcome to post your forum in that topic....and put my forum on yours...
Danny M

well were both memebrs of each others forum, so why don't we just do like 5 posts on each forum and in them 5 posts, we can post our forum link etc
Evil Bunny

I would be willing for a link exchange.

edit: oh yeah heres my link. Click me

Ok EB we can do that... Forum Index -> Link Exchange
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