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I hit a google gold mine from nowere

Thats what hapeens when you post good stuff on your forum peeps
myff admin

I have to rain on the parade here, google knows a lot about almost all sites, what matters is if people can find anything on your site with a search.

so true ^^^ I had a site called the review forum and when you typed 'site:' Or 'thereviewforum' .With the whole address about 20 pages come up but who on earth is going to search the above! The traffic on that site is terrible! Not a member since! While, another forum I've made thats not even on page 20 on the search results and not even submitted to google! And i have 40 members and the site started just weeks ago and is still growing!

'ts hard work to get on google!

YH i know but for a minute my pagerank was 5

YAY, I am finally on Google!!!!! WHOOO!!!
The Arsenal Boy

Lucky, I haven't tried yet. Forum Index -> Search Engines
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