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i could do with some advice


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ok now im sure you know i have been having some trouble with a members of another forum , i have mentioned that i have been harrassed and that these idividuals have been hounding me for months . noe i have been keeepin an eye on things and over the months i have noticed that the ip addresses of the person hounding me kept changing .

now i dont im not super clever but when i sat down and looked at all the information in front of me well its gets a little confusing because

the person who is doing this has posted a total of 239 posts on my form

those 239 posts came from 9 different ip addresses

those ip addresses range from bedford , london, kansas USA, cambridge , oddly enough the places that the members of this forum are from .

surely even you can see from this that these mutiple members are acting under one username ? i dont know who his host is , but if you can help in any way i would apprecaite your thoughts on this

We don't get involved in inter forum squabbles.

Read this post about reporting issues with a forum that you feel has fallen foul of terms and conditions:

thank you , as i keeep trying to  point out this is not an iterforum sqaubble ,

the other forum as stated in your terms and conditions has "Ignore your responsibility to keep your forum operating within the terms and conditions , as he is the one making the percentage of these posts ,

it also states that   You may not spam members with frequent emails, or otherwise promote your forum via mass spam emailing, or any other form of spamming.
when here is is clearly spamming my forum

and it also states that you cannot run a hate site , and that is exactly what the other forum is doinf by using mutiple members unber one username to harrass one person , like i said 239 posts ibviously i cant expect you to cemment on the hudreds of email as will but is this all not a breach of the terms and conditions
myff admin

We need something solid by way of evidence, for example post the ip addresses here and we may be able to cross check.

ok thank you here are the ip addresses
myff admin

As you suggest there is a correlation with the ips.

What we need to put a nail in this is links to abusive posts using those ips.

If a forum owner is posting abuse on other forums then we may deem them unfit to run a forum.

well now this is where he is very clever he doesnt post abuse on the open forum , all the threats and nastyiness was in emails or pm,s
this thread
was an argument on my forum where all of these ip,s were posting in one day under different names and different ip,s and they are far too clever to post abuse on an open forum .  
emails cannot be used here so i am pretty much screwed i know this , this man has mutiple accounts everywhere including here ,  but you can see there is a correlation as for harder evidence, like i said these guys are far too clever for that .
i appreciate some of this must seem  very childish but this man and his friends are playing games . thanks you for acknowledging what i said , its been logged on an open forum so if there are any future problems it will be on record somewhere

thanks again for your time

i should also add that i am not actialluy sure how many usernames or involved in this i have lost count now

valhalla is the latest new member who is also el nib posted this today
myff admin

I can't say you are wrong, but there is no ip evidence that supports that fact.

ok valhalla ip is again bedford

the other one is Sam401NB which a new ip in devon

when i checked those ips , two of the other accounts where linked to the ip valhalla is linked to
myff admin

As I have said the ip evidence does not correspond this time.
El Nib

i feel i have to answer to this post because its my self that is being accused of the things that loula ( is saying,

   ill start with the spamming,, what spamming the only thing i did was to sign up to find out what was being said against me and each time i got banned so i kept on using a different name etc just to see what abuse was being said against my self, there was no spamming thats why there is no evidence.

  harassment there was not any, being Admin of the site you should expect alot of emails i only replied to what ever was sent to me in the first place.

  the main reason i kept on signing on to there site was to see what was said about my self and i found out that im being slagged off and with mentally abusive language aimed at not just my self but my wife as well ,, i will be posting this in the complaints section with screen shots and links
i can handle crap what they say about me its not nice but im a big guy but when there site takes the piss out of someone on cancer then there are out of line and this is by the Admin of

regard Nib
El Nib

am  i not allowed to defend my self my post is still not shown

i know ill probly get banned for posting this, but the reason that the forum : was started, was because the people on that forum, could not follow the rules on a different one, for that reason they were all baned, hence they started the on they are on now. before they were removed from the old one, they tried to remove the owners account, and almost did successfully, they tried to crash the site, in wich case the "my fried forum" section is here. the original owner had luckily had another account that he used to remove them, because we had lots of complaints about a few members, mainly the one called Dmerit, and commander. Dmerit, who was taking peoples images from their facebook accounts, and posting them where he seen fit, causeing problems, and just being childish, all the while, no other admin or mod would do anything. the original owner returned to a mess and did what he saw fit , remove the cancer, in return they did all that.  but has been corrected, and all is back to how it used to be. just my bit of info on the matter. here os the post from the original owner about it :

Joined: 21 Oct 2009
Posts: 136

Location: California coast

PostPosted: Tue Jan 08, 2013 6:15 pm    Post subject: SITE BACK UP Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post View IP address of poster
As you all know by now the site was taken down by previous admins.  They, he, she...whatever felt because they got admin rights and took care of this place in the absence of myself and John felt they owned the forum.  

I appreciated the support and members drawn to this place.  But there was a reason this place was created in the first place.  It was for BEGINNERS wanting to learn and we welcomed pros, apprentices etc!  Not "Rock stars" who they walked on water or could command the weather to rain.  As I returned to this place I was going through the posts and spent lots of nights reading old posts and watching how people displayed themselves and helped new members or in a lot of cases scared them away.  I got many emails and private messages about this place and took action.  And because i did, the last remaining admin removed me and then took this database down.  I also noticed he was blaming me for this all.  I still have the message he sent me stating I was not justified for removing MOD permissions from a MOD (dmerit)  who obviously was abusing his authority, stealing peoples likeness, and defaming people how he likes.

I have since banned that entire group.  If you are biased and/or buddy-buddy with those removed and feel that this it was wrong, you might as well delete yourself now and find another forum.  As there are many forums who allow that "freedom of hate speech" as it will not be tolerated.  I will also post new forum rules.

As I was saying.  If you are here for other reasons or you have a hidden agenda related to those who deleted the entire database here you will be removed/banned.  Simple as that.  

I would like this place to get back to where it was originally.  I have left this post  visible to the public so that those who maliciously took this tattoo forum down can read it without say.

I welcome old and new who and those who emailed and private messaged me over time that thought this place was getting out of control with MODS and ADMINS, I welcome you back.

I am one to reply to those who contacted me and thanked me for stepping back in.

I have always been in the background and kept in touch with those who contacted me.

With all that being said.  I  am glad that its back up and running.  And if you have any comments, concerns, grudges, complaints or praises just private message me and i will reply.

Thank you all for sticking around for as long as you have.  Its unfortunate that there are malicious and deviant people who intentionally act this way and then blame someone just to project themselves as "holier than though".  

Thank you for reading.
El Nib

why are my posts not being shown ?

I informed you as to why your posts are on moderation, they are still visible to staff however, so you can still have your say, the aim is to prevent any spill over of chat that could get out of hand while staff aren't on site at that time.
El Nib

Nick(NR) wrote:
I informed you as to why your posts are on moderation, they are still visible to staff however, so you can still have your say, the aim is to prevent any spill over of chat that could get out of hand while staff aren't on site at that time.

i understand but why is it not being shown if the staff have read it and its not abusive, surely if someone is being accused of something they have the right to defend them selfs Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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