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green LABEL

I am looking for a trusty partner to manage my forums with.

To think that there are no strings attached is asinine, though. Requirements to running my message board with me are simple and straightforward, honestly:

I require a manager to have good grammar, the attitude of a "champion" toward everybody, the know-how of management, a properly-toned ego, and most importantly; the tolerance of a god.

As easy as it sounds to fool me, I will have regular conversations with the manger in question on a daily basis and will put forth a series of unexpected challenges to see if he/she is worthy of my time and message board. I refuse to work with or for a person who takes their position to the ultimate advantage because they know they reign supreme. Management,  administrator or moderator, should be as fun of a position as posting as a regular user.

Thanks for serious entries in advance.

I would be happy to help if needed.

myff admin

Please look at the "my fried forum" section before taking on anyone that has not totally proven them self in advance.
green LABEL

I looked at and read through the "My Fried Forum" multiple times. It is a great article, but I feel safe in letting another person help me.

Besides, my message boards are not even open to the public as of yet, so any damage done can easily be repaired. Thanks for the concern, though.  

Hmm.. even though, if you like the name of the forum you have - I'd say don't rush for another admin.  Even a new forum can have the original admin banned, any portals and forum edits deleted..  which means you start back to square 1.  Might not sound like much, but if square 10 is opening it to the public, and you're at 9, then that's a long way back.

Honestly, I would say NEVER co-Admin even if you THINK you can trust the other person!

Before I opened the Lazy Lounge, I co admin'ed another Board with a "Good Friend" of mine at the time and while this worked for a while (over a year) As all the technical side was down to me and the running the place down to her . . .  Ultimately though, it turned sour and we ended up going our seperate ways . . . A lesson learned the hard way for both of us and Our Forum as I had to start another Forum from scratch and she had to learn the HTML for herself.

I now Run the Lazy Lounge with Myself as Sole Admin and a team of trusted Mods and wouldn't have it any other way.

Good Luck.xxxx Forum Index -> Running your community
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