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myff admin

Has been suspended for being a blatant rip off of another forum.

Even the rules are almost exactly identical.

Hi this is my Forum and its not a rip off of the other forum it looks similar and the reason for this is until recently i was Administrator on the other forum that is why the owner has made this accusation and it was me who helped set it up the way it is now.

In my opinion  my forum has only been reported as the owner of the other forum is not happy i have started my own forum.

The only thing that is almost the same are the rules and i apologise for that.

I would like to know how i go about getting this sorted as i am happy to change things if needed.

myff admin

I am unsuspending, but please be aware that we take copyright seriously.

Hi can you tell me exactly what i have to change as i would prefer for this not to happen again.
myff admin

You should not have to ask, and I am not going through everything on your forum inspecting it.

If you use/steal other peoples words as you have done in the rules it is a copyright violation. I don't think that is a complicated thing to understand.

Ok i will get that sorted thanks. Forum Index -> Terms and Conditions
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