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HTML novice needs help


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Now ask your question in clear English without "txt" speak>>>> Hello, I cannot get HTML code to work within my forum. I have enabled 'allow html' via the board AND my profile.

In Genaral Configuration: Allowed HTML tags (enter * to allow all html subject to some global restrictions)
Separate tags with commas. I have entered *

What am I doing wrong?
myff admin

Admin/Configure has an allow hthml option as does each users profile.

Please try and post in the correct part of the forum, this question clearly has nothing to do with ecommerce!

Ah sorry! I posted here because I'm trying to add a PayPal donate button, I just saw the ecommerce thing and ...oh well.

As stated; I have allowed HTML via the admin panel, and via my profile yet when i put the code in, it stays as code!

myff admin

What exactly have you in:

Allowed HTML tags


as advised by the board!


are you putting it in a post? or just trying to get it incorporated into the layout?

I'm trying to add it as a post.

myff admin

working html in a post I just made on your forum!

I don't understand what you mean! - when I click the link that you posted on my site nothing happens?!

I have copied the code into a reply to your post on my forums and as you can see, it doesn't work!

Am I asking the wrong questions, am I missing something out here? - I don't get it

myff admin

No one said you could post a form to a forum. That would be a security hazard to your users.


I simply want to add a PayPal button!


I still have my problem, is there any help forthcoming?

myff admin

I told you, you cannot post a form. It is a security hazard.

Camper wrote:

I still have my problem, is there any help forthcoming?

no other way to say it really, there is no way to add a form to a post, I see no need to either, why not add the donation button to your overall_footer.tpl underneath:

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>>> Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure! <<<

obviously Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure! would be an image of your choosing.

that or you could add portals and have it in a custom component

Thanks for the reply; I really have no idea how to do the thing you mentioned, but thanks anyway. Forum Index -> ECommerce support
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