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How to re-open forum

I am wanting to re-open my forum. Can you help me, I don't even remember how I closed it, I just remember that I removed some html in the back office of the forum.

I am not sure of what my password was, it has been such a long time since it had to be closed.

Thank you

Log in to your admin account, then go to the admin panel under 'configure'.

Use the lost password system for your forgotten password.

I tried the lost password but it will not go forward. And also, what do I enter there in config, just activate?

I also know that I went into the back and posted a message for the entry door so people would see why the forum was closed.

I just can't get anywhere with the password recovery, it is just not working for me at all.

It is not letting me retrieve the password. Whenever I click to retrieve it just keeps me locked out, saying the board is closed.

This is the message I get whenever I try.....

Sorry, but this board is currently unavailable. Please try again later. If you are the administrator of this board you need to enable the board in the administration panel under configure

I got it, just went in and played around with what I could remember (thru Admin Panel...reset password)
We are back up and running!!!

Thanks for your help!
myff admin

try the control panel rather than the Admin panel Forum Index -> PhpBB2 General Support
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