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How to make a second shop/store (short guide)

1. Okay, so you go to: Styles-->Portal Settings
2. Then, Go to: Portal Settings-->SHOP
3. Fill out the things the way you want it to be and click "update portal parameters"
4. Now you have 1 Shop!
5. To see it, go to Web Pages--->Edit Web Pages
6. Click on Web Page and follow this screen shot
7. Click Save page
8. Follow step 1
9. Click on the same SHOP portal as last time.
10. Change the portal name, and name of the Shop
11. Scroll Down, click "create new portal"
12. Repeat step 1
13. Scroll down, and you'll see the copy of the shop with the different Portal Name.
14. Click on it, and change the portal name to SHOP2 (If it's third store then SHOP3 and etc.)
15. And the change other options to suit you and click "Update Portal Parametrs"
16. Now you have 2 Shops!
17. Follow step 5-7 (At step 6 instead of putting this:
, put this:

18. And voila! You are done!

Once someone confirms this works, it'll be sticky'd for others to find more easily

In most of my guides i do say to add another just add a number to the end of it, for some reason i didnt on this guide,, but i,m adding it now.

I can confirm this works Nick though it would be easier if there where more screenshots however it deserves to be stickied

thank you and done, I'm sure symon can pick this up and maybe add it to howtodoit with some screenshots if permission for guide use is given. Forum Index -> Portal components
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