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how to help without being destructive.

Disclaimer- some of you probably done these before, but...

I have had lots of dealings with these little creatures here lately I call wanna-be mods. Mainly I find these them annoying then trolls as they end up doing more harm then good and here is why

I have a question however when I visit a support forum to answer that question, my question can fit either 2 or 3 forums so after long hard thinking I pick the one I think is most suited and post there.
So I will split this up between what a wanna-be mod will post and what a good member will post.

Good member-
Post the answer the question or list some ideas on how to fix things or lead the poster into the right direction. Usually followed by a PS
"you should post in this forum instead of this one because such and such

Wanna-Be Moderator-
Will post
Wrong Forum

First off, I want to call this person a jackass because
A) Encourages double posting
B) I have my settings set to receive an e-mail when my topic is replied. I skim through my e-mail and see a subject for my post and I become happy and follow the link and I get this
Wrong Forum

And most of the time, they don't even recommend the right forum.
C) (the big one) it stops a lot of people from looking at the thread, especially if the forum is very active. Most mods and admin mainly look for posts with no reply or a reply made by the member who made it. (e.g bump). Many other members would probably skip it thinking the thread was replied with the correct answer.

End of thread spamming,
I seen this where the thread would be answer successfully and the original poster gives thanks to the helper and still the WBM (wanna be mod) will post "Wrong Forum".
It gets worse if a moderator or admin does it them self.
What a good admin mod will do is move the thread, pm the member telling them so idiots like me wont spend time searching for the thread, and post in a response to the thread 'Moved because such and such". This is also helps future members in helping them finding the correct forum for their question.

Anyone else have any crazy stories? Forum Index -> Running your community
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