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How to get to overall_header.tpl

Ok I have read eveything everywhere and it says I have to get to overall_header.tpl, but they don't tell you how. It might be a stupid question but I really need the answer. It would be really helpful to my forum thanks.

Symon wrote:

That helped but where do you add the code for the portal like sya I want Topposters

wait nvm got that but it is appearing at the top not the right or left its at the top
myff admin

you do not need these techy bits to run a good forum. If you are out of depth with adding bits like this, then take it slow.

There is a guide on HOWTODOIT, on adding portals.

Sy, good shout as always, but tis bb3

Try this and give me a shout, symon generic code up, may need you to re word it better and fuller, as it is in all honesty a rushed up guide: Forum Index -> Portal components
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