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How to display cms_modactions.tpl without overall_header.tpl


Templates: cms_modactions.tpl, viewtopic_body.tpl

Keywords: popup, modactions

The popup window for the report portal displays without the forum overall_header.tpl, which is how i want the modactions portal to display also.

My cms_report.tpl displays like...

However, my cms_modactions.tpl displays the header like...

My code in the viewtopic_body.tpl is as follows...
<a title="Report this post" href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="'/action.php?action=REPORT&popup=1&p={postrow.POST_ID}','report','height = 320, width = 500')"><img src="/templates/myfs_footballitalia2/images/posticon_report.jpg" border="0"></a>

<!-- IF S_USER_LEVEL > 0 -->
<a title="Moderate User" href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="'/action.php?action=MODACTIONS&popup=2&u={postrow.POSTER_ID}','modactions','height = 600, width = 800')">Moderate User</a>
<!-- ENDIF -->

Is there a way that the popup for the modactions portal can display without the header?

myff admin

try popup=1 rather than popup=2 in the link that launches the modactions.

Excellent! Thanks that worked.
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