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How to add gallery

Im newbie here and I hope this is in right section......

How do I add a gallery so members can upload their photos to it on my forum ? (if it is possible)

here is site,


myff admin

All sites have a gallery, the link is at the bottom of each page.

When posting they can add a picture with "attach file" a link that appears when you are writing a post.

is that where you add the image url?

Is there no way for them to go to the gallery, click upload picture, browse it from there computor and then other people can browse through the gallery,

sorry if i make no sense

myff admin

Images do have to be posted to topics to appear in the gallery.

Look for "Attach File" when you post.  It is just below where you type the post text.

I can see it on this forum, but not on my forum
myff admin

Look in posting_body.tpl in the template editor.




is what you want to see:



Will ALWAYS be there, so find it and add the next line.

Thanks, works perfectly

gave you good karma whatever that means  


Hi there,
I have just been reading your instructions about the gallery.
Well !!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have just started to set up our forum and blow me..........we can't for the life of us work how to add the gallery link at the bottom of the page or how to add the attach file to the bottom of the posts so that the members can post pictures etc.

We have been through most of the questions and answers you have and can't make kead nore tail of it all, a bit thick really.

Please help us in thicko language to sort this problem out

Thanks peta x

I have just been through our site and in the faqs it says that we do not have the facility to upload pictures is that any help to you.

thanks pets x
myff admin

Seems to be missing from the template. Bear with me it will show in a minute.

Hi, thanks for your help.

I have just logged on to our site and we still don't have anything showing yet.

I do hope you can sort it out for us.

Hope to hear from you shortly
Peta x
myff admin

Which template are you looking at and where are you looking?

I put the change into the Rainy template and the attach file will show when you post.

We have been in the admin panel and also followed your tutorial for adding Rainy but it doesn't seem to do what the video does it changes back to the original and carftynest1. We really are at a loss at what to do to get the gallery and attach file to show under the messages. Please help even if it means that you have to do it all for us, we are desperate and most garteful for any help.
thanks peta x
myff admin

You are using Rainy as the default in the admin panel.

You need to copy Rainy again to craftynest1 and set craftynest1 as the default style in admin/configure.

Hi, I would like to say a big THANK YOU for helping us to sort this all out, it is now up and running and with the gallery and attach file.
We are very pleased.

Thank you so much.
peta x

Hi there,

Just read this thread, I am having similar issue with myff. I cant seem to find the Gallery link anywhere on my index page. We have the attach photo facility but no access to a gallery anywhere? I am not too up on the Forums and the coding and would greatly appreciate your help. I am looking to find a way of adding a Gallery Button to the top of our Forum.

Many Thanks
myff admin

You are running a phpbb3 forum, that does not have the myff phpbb2 gallery system.

DOH! Right, it does help if your on the right thing to begin with!

ok so how do I go about making it a phpbb2 forum?
myff admin

You must have "upgraded"  from phpbb2 to phpbb3. Once done and people are posting on phpbb3 it is a one way trip I'm afraid. We don't recommend the upgrade.

Oh... thats not good, is there anyway that I can make a new phpbb2 Forum and copy my user/posts database over?
myff admin

Sorry no, there is no down grade method.

Your old phpbb2 forum would be there still from before your "upgrade" but you would lose posts if you reset to phpbb2 back to what it was before the upgrade.

I've figured out how to get to and upload but is there a bulk upload option that could make things a little easier? I have 153 photo's I'd like to upload from a recent Linkshell Event. Forum Index -> Portal components
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