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myff admin

How times change or not

I'm most the way through refurbishing my home office.

Doing such radical things like buying a chair that wasn't skip dived   and creating work surfaces that fit the room along with filing cabinets etc that fit the way I work.

As a result I'm back to having a useful amount of desk space, like I had before I let my daughter take over my old office as her bedroom.

I have also now totally finalised having all "work" on a USB stick gitted to a central repository, so I can carry on working easily when I travel to the New Forest offices, normally I sit there looking awkward when we are not actively having meetings as there is little I want to do on the notebook I take as things are just not worth the aggravation of setting up.

But thinking back over 6 years to the old office, not very much changes on the programming front, I still sit in front of a dual monitor setup running Linux using minor variations of the same tools I'm using now, the only major change is that I'm in a constant skype chat with the every increasing merry band of workmates.

Haha, last few days I've been a busy little beaver putting up shelving all over the place, some cases using new brackets and wood bought from B&Q, still got a good 3,000mm x 600mm of shelving space (cut into 3 separate shelves of 3m x 300mm and 2 x 1.5mmx300mm) all for less than 25 for the wife's files etc in her office.

In addition to that I've been resourceful in using some old bed lats from a bed we got rid of in the summer, I kept the lats in case they came in useful.  And using a combination of those, some wooden packing bits from a flatpack,  and some materials some workmen had left over I've put up some much needed shelving in a couple of cupboards in the house.  Masses of space saved and all for less than 4 for a few extra wallplugs I needed.  Oh I put up a big long coat rack too for just the price of the hooks, which were about 1.50 each x 7, so just over a tenner.  One of the famous bed lats was the board upon which they were placed.

Also thinking of utilising old plastic bottles to make a mini hydroponic assembly in one of the said cupboards as it has it's own window, as is a very little used room so ideal for a bit of experimenting with a window garden.  Maybe I should join the downsizer forum for tips  
myff admin

Always good to do things on the cheap and recycle

But mind you also good occasionally to say that the slog has to some degree paid off, the debts are gone for now and within reason if something looks like it will be a decent thing to have, then the price is not the main issue.

Mind you we are just redecorating the main bedroom as well, and saw plenty of furniture sets at 3000, and it will be a cold day in hell before I play that game. We have just ordered an almost complete set of new furniture from Ikea for about 250  

Furniture was the one thing we spent a bit of money on, we wanted leather because it is much easier to keep clean, with all the kids in the house stuff gets full of chocolate and pop and felt tip very quickly   I'm not complaining I'd rather have happy kids than a pristine home, so we spent 1,300 on that, which isn't enormously expensive but for someone as tight as me it's a massive amount lol
myff admin

my main extravagance was that we had a pendant light in the bedroom that was offset miles from the centre of the room... totally useless and strange.

I spent 135 on 8 foot of mains track lighting that could run over the point where the pendant was so I could get the power, and hence have any number of LED GU10 spots instead. It looks really swish IMHO.
myff admin

Managed to put the finishing touches to the bedroom this week, it really looks designer like no expense has been spared despite using the cheapest Ikea stuff there was

The office is also brilliantly practical, though clearly a cobbled together work area, funny really as apart from the bedroom carpet a lot more money was spent on the office.

Current project is the lounge, the carpet is 20 years old and has suffered kids, teenage parties you name it   despite extensive cleaning I don't think it is going to ever look anywhere near good again But what I have never wanted is the sort of house where I'm massively  bothered about hosting parties etc.

We moved here 15 years ago into a house in good decorative order, and it would be rather good though to get back to something approaching that state  
myff admin

Just thinking about USB sticks again, and also virtualisation.

It means I can and have created work environments that will run things I have a contract to support, but which really are out of the ark in a virtual machine that can be put on a 16 32gb USB stick and stored in a firesafe.

Okay in the past I have done pretty much the same with hard drives, and they still hold more than 32gb, but a USB stick is a lot smaller and simpler, and at those soft of prices make for a usefully modular backup system unless you have tons of video media.

An interesting concept, reminds me a little of Hal in 2001 A Space Odyssey
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