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How the Hell

I'm trying to get a "main" page on my forum where i can display RSS feeds. I have searched through the forums here and the howtodoit forums for phpBB3 and i still cant find the answer.

Now, i realize i need to edit some of my "overall" template coding but i dont know what else i need to do to achieve this.

Any chance anyone could give me a hand to set this up with an idiots guide or something?

myff admin

You probably won't find a guide as really this is a purely html question and the answer will depend totally on the template you are using.

it is only a portal question in the sense that the best way to do it would be to encapsulate the RSS code in a portal of type blank, which would them make the coding easier and clearer.

right, any ideas of how to do as you said then?
myff admin

My point is that your question comes down to "how do I program a web page" and so is too general to be answered without someone actually doing your particular page for you.

We can make a suggestion such as placing the actual RSS code into a portal by copying the BLANK portal to say RSS and editing the new cms_rss.tpl template file, which would keep the RSS code seperate, allowing you to just put {MYFF.RSS} when you want the RSS to appear.

Right i just tried that, and now i get the RSS at the left of the forum as so,

I followed the Howtodoit guide and edited the code but this was ment to show on a front page

i added that to the overall footer at the top

<td valign="top">
{MYFF.FRONTPAGE show_results="topics" link="FORUM"}{MYFF.RSS}

<td width="100%" valign="top">
and that to the overallheader at the bottom, But i edited this from what was on the how to do it.

Im also getting  "Template {newcarnews.myfreeforum.org1} does not exist. " at the top of the feed. but the template does exist cos its my default and im using it.

ok, i have now managed to get an index page set up and have the RSS feeds displayed there.

Just need to tidy it up a bit.

Thanks for the help admin. Forum Index -> Portal components
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