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How much time for phpbb3 conversion ?

BitByter OS

This is a forum i want for my operating system. I know i wanted phpbb version 3 straight away and hence after creating an account, i converted my forum to phpbb3 and then again to finalise it.

It said that it would be normal after a day or two since it was on a hotblack3 server and it was to be moved to the main server as in

I has been 3 or more days and still the conversion hasn't taken place. This is what i get "Sorry but this board is currently unavailable."

How much time i need to wait till it gets converted to phpbb3 and is up and running..?

I'm not sure of this issue, maybe Admin can clarify.  This usually happens when the user themselves have disabled their board.

If you want a brand new phpbb3 forum, simply use the '' and it will be phpbb3 straight away.
myff admin

Try logging in and making the board available.

If you followed through the steps for conversion and they completed then the board should be fully converted immediately with the only thing taking a short time being the full change of address.

How much time for phpbb3 conversion ?

Thanks for your reply... but i haven't disabled my forum
myFREEforum sounds a bit better, but FAB would do...

So should i delete forum on myfreeforum .... or it will auto delete on no activity.

I'll check

Thanks... for you support.
Its done..

If you have free time sometime around next week plz do have a look at my os..........  Forum Index -> PhpBB3 General Support
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