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how does it work

Every relevant search we carry out on Google , our forum can either be found as the number entry on Googl,e or at the very least on the first page.

The reason for this it would seem , is due to the fact we have joined many Topsites ,and have taken part in a number of banner exchanges , the only problem with doing that is, is that the forum does look untidy ,so what I need to know is ,can we still have a good search engine ranking without the need for the marquee and banners exchanges.???

The link below shows a forum that is head and shoulders above every forum in Leeds , and they haven't had to join a topiste or exchange banners.

myff admin

I haven't the time to analyse links coming into both sites, but I think you have really answered your own question. It is all about links, you have got there by the "cheating" route if you see what I mean, with artificially generated links, a technique I commend and do myself.
The other site must have more or better incoming links, perhaps from some really top ranking sites. A link from a no where site counts a lot less than a link from a site with page rank 5 or above.

I have run my own tests via this website, now according to that site ,Leeds peeps has 105 links , and as I keep strict records, I do know that leeds peeps has well over 200 links , so i'm not quite sure why the website suggests we have only 105 links, the music forum has only 18 links , so why the music forum performs so well I really dont know.

Would your advice be, to add a link to our forum on as many relative sites that have a GPR 5+ as we can???

And can you suggest a free online incoming link checker?

Thanks again Admin.

myff admin

Links checkers are only as good as the databases they use, and even google can give widely varying results at times.

I have not done any significant work in this area for a while and so cannot recommend the bets link checker, though I used to use the tools at "digitalpoint which would chart links over time.

In reality though charting progress is a form of naval gazing, it does not actually get the job done, the job is to get the links, high PR or otherwise.

One way to get the links, is to concentrate on good content, say you use the web page facility to do a page of club/venue reviews in Leeds, if it is good enough to get a few people looking, then people will do the work of linking for you.

Thanks Admin , I fully understand what you mean :-)

cheers again for your help.

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