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How do you upload game logos on side bar beside forums?


It is not a problem on forum..  it is under styles edit templates or ?  i am not sure where to go to put up the game logo on the side bars. i have read numerous times to try work it out..
I have seen a comment here regarding what i would like to do but it is not helping ..  I have successfully changed the header/logo for now and would like to if able, add the actual game logo that our clan supports down the sides.  The game we play is vietcong and vietcong fistalpha on PC..  this is a single shooter game and fun  
Thanks if anyone can help me here

your templates background color is: #242424
your background image is: http://greens420clan.myfastforum....fs_greens420clan1/images/body.gif

there is no width/height limits in the style sheet, so all you'd need to do is upload you game background with the name body.gif or if the image is a jpg, go to your stylesheet and change the body.gif to xxxx.jpg, it should be the first entry in your stylesheet for the templates background. Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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