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How do I put in the Embed Code for an Image Uploader ?

 I have an embed code for our  IMAGE UPLOADER.  Where  do I  put it ?

   Our admin does  not know  how to do it.  I'll be glad to copy & paste directions

  on how to  do it.   Can   an Image Uploader be  installed in our forum.

  We are using  Cobolt 2.0  phpBB  by Jacob Persson  

  I  am   a  Global Moderator.   Thanks in advance.  

You must give the (myfree/myfast/myfine) link/address of your forum. A link should be given to the problem if at all possible. Do this whether you think it is important or not. DO NO GIVE YOUR OWN DOMAIN LINK IT MUST BE THE NAME YOU CREATED HERE.
Search on the forum and on howtodoit for your problem before posting. 90% of the posts we get have easily found answers if you search on a couple of key words from your post. If this is not the case report the keywords you searched on and we will make sure search works for the next person to try the same search terms. Each time someone doesn't bother to use the search, questions accumulate in the forum making it harder for people to actually find answers! as people searching will end up finding the question and not the answer.
Keep it to one support question per thread, if you have another question start a new topic. This will help others using "search" to find answers.

Ok , here is the link to our forum.

Hey Bravo !!!   Are you going to help us ?  I have been waiting patiently, I have

     given   you a  link  to our forum.  We did  not buy a  Domain.   I have  no  idea

    about a  Domain  if any.    This  is the link  to our forum one  last time.


   We   need  to get  an UPLOADER  in our forum  before our  Admin  considers  DELETING IT   !!!!!

    When  I use to be  in Conforums I knew how to put in an  Image Uploader.

   Now  that  my  buddy has selected  MyFreeforum , I have no  clue on how to put in  the

    Embed Code  for an  Image Uploader.   Thank you very much.


You haven't specified what search terms you used.  

I think it would be better if your admin came here direct to ask questions whenever he has them.  As a moderator, you do not have access to the admin panel and so it would be pointless going through third party in this way.  If your admin is incapable of posting here, he is certainly incapable of implementing anything on a forum.

By image upoader, do you mean to attach an image to a post?

If so, it is already there, use the 'attach file' to add a file or image to a post.

Also, please note that bold, font size, colouring etc are meant to highlight individual words, not to make your entire post more prominent.

OK.  In particular  I am not just  a  Moderator.   I   am a " GLOBAL MODERATOR  "






please spend a little more time detailing, what you've searched for assuming you have searched? what you've attempted to try and do if you've found a guide, as opposed to making your posts here look fancy.

I had to go onto your forum and look at the faq to find out it's phpbb2, we need things like that because it helps us better detail an answer to you, as the template filenames differ between phpbb2 and 3.

on that note, please read this guide on adding the gallery attachment mod, that uploads to the forums gallery system:

If you get lost anywhere in that guide, please say which bit you got to before you got stuck Forum Index -> Web page/template Editing
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