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How do I advertise my forum on search engines?

Here is the link to my forum:
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It's a relationship/sexual advice forum.  We are doing pretty well so far, but I would like for us to be "searchable", so that some of our relationship, dating, family and sex topics will attract others who have questions or answers.  

Is there a way to put my forum on google, bing, and yahoo, etc?

thank you!  I have searched this site but cannot find an extact answer, so I'm hoping that my inquiry is not redundant.

Well - you can pay for it.. those are expensive though.. But honestly places like Google don't list things because people want them listed.  Google uses a method that ranks pages higher based on how many pages link to it, and the reliability of those pages.

The best way to get yourself listed is to simply create a good forum and try to spread word via facebook, twitter and myspace.  Over time you may get more popular then your site will be listed higher.
Catdancer you can tell I really am a newbie at this.  We dont want to pay to be listed.  I was looking into the Link Exchange here.  It seems to be a great way to generate visitors to a site.  Do you have any experience with this?

Link exchange can be hard to get done well, a lot of people don't really visit the links on forums.  But as well, with the sexual nature of a good portion of your forum I don't think this support forum is a proper place to advertise.  Feel free to contact me though - I may be interested in a link exchange, I run two forums outside of MYFF. Forum Index -> Running your community
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